For your next vacation, would you like to discover the castles of France? Choose your route and get behind the wheel of your car for an unforgettable road trip. However, careful preparation is necessary before embarking on this adventure. Here are the essential points for a successful tour of the medieval castles surrounding the Loire.

Castles to see

Are you planning to take a road trip along the Loire  ? This is the ideal opportunity to admire the fortified castles dotting the region. Start your trip to Maine-et-Loire at the Château de Saumur. Dating from the 11th century, this fortress surprises with its architecture. It is a mixture of medieval style and pleasure palace. This place is known to have been a prison in which the Marquis de Sade was locked up.

From the Pays de la Loire region, go to Centre-Val de Loire. In Indre-et-Loire, the Château de Langeais awaits you. At the bottom of its park, admire the old motte keep. Stroll along the high walls, round towers and walkways. This castle notably hosted the wedding of Charles VIII and Anne of Brittany.

Further in Indre-et-Loire is the medieval building of Chinon . Nestled on a rocky outcrop, this Gothic construction is absolutely beautiful. It is made up of three aligned buildings which should be discovered one by one.

Preparations to make for your car

Are you preparing for a road trip to the castles of France  ? Be sure to carry out a thorough inspection of your car. Above all, you must not neglect your safety on the road and even less so your comfort. So, remember to draw up a checklist before putting your suitcases in the trunk of your car.

Pay special attention to your car battery . If the latter is worn, you risk finding yourself broken down halfway. Likewise, check the vehicle’s oil levels as well as brake and cooling fluid levels.

Examine the brake pads and their condition. The filters must also be inspected. If they are not clean, replace them before you leave. The condition of your tires is just as important. Replace worn parts and don’t forget the spare wheel.

The perfect equipment for a road trip

If you’re going on a multi-day road trip , equip yourself accordingly. Pack clothing suited to your various destinations and their climate. Your bags should include light and thick t-shirts, pants, shorts and sneakers. Don’t forget walking shoes if you plan to go hiking.

In addition, a well-stocked first aid bag and a toiletry bag are necessary for long journeys. Consider a variety of medications for mild or more specific ailments. Cough drops, antiseptics and dressings are essential. As for hygiene, don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste, your razor, your comb and a microfiber towel. Cotton swabs and refreshing wipes can complete the package.

Finally, for your daily needs, take a notepad, pens and a Swiss army knife. For your electronic devices, place a charger and a universal adapter as a priority in your belongings. An LED lamp will be very useful in an emergency.

Other points to remember

A road trip is the perfect opportunity to make discoveries. Also, don’t take the easy route. To have great experiences, favor reservations in atypical places rather than in chain hotels. Discreet motels and bed and breakfasts have many surprises in store.

Likewise, take advantage of your road trip to do some culinary experiences . Taste local products and taste the essential local dishes. This is the opportunity to bring back specialties from the banks of the Loire to your loved ones.