Château de Sassy, ​​18th century, St Christophe le Jajolet, Orne, Normandy, France.Château de Sassy, ​​18th century, St Christophe le Jajolet, Orne, Normandy, France.Photo by Bernard Blanc

A change of scenery without radically moving away from the comfort of modern life is possible in Normandy. Among its five departments, Orne is the greenest, accentuating its picturesque character. It combines modernity with the conservation of its green areas and its monuments. Enthroned on its hill, the Château de Sassy is proof of this. Here is a taste of what awaits you there, for your greatest pleasure.

Visiting the Château de Sassy: where to start?

Located between two Norman towns, the  Château de Sassy has lost none of its former presence. It is a pride of Saint-Christophe-le-Jajolet. Unlike most historic places, this one is always bustling. The descendants of Duke Pasquier reside there. They play an important role in maintaining its current appearance.

Dating from the 18th century, the Château has retained its typical architecture with its large windows with white shutters. Its rooms have also hosted eminent names during their trips to France. The decoration has remained incredibly faithful to its history. Likewise, its gardens always arouse great admiration.

The terraces, garden and orangery of Sassy

From the ground to the heights, pink shades predominate. The scent of orange blossoms fills the atmosphere. Warmth and friendliness emanate from the place. The garden has a pond in its center. The terraces add relief to the already meticulously coordinated ensemble.

Take the time to walk between the five flowered and decorated flowerbeds of the Château de Sassy. They stand out for their beauty that withstands the seasons and turbulence. The plant varieties, especially yews and lime trees, were scrupulously chosen for this purpose. Without a doubt, we find there the work of a great landscaper of the time, the artist Duchêne.

The arts pavilions

The huge property houses two pavilions where tourists can enter. The interior of each of them is comparable to that of a museum of works of art. Over time, the occupants of the Castle acquired a considerable amount of treasure.

Thus, these pavilions contain richly decorated furniture. Painted canvases of great beauty also hang on the walls. The careful patterns that adorn the tapestries, signed Beauvais and Gobelins, also delight the eye.

Chancellor Pasquier’s collection of old books

One room in the main building is particularly used to the amazed looks of its visitors. This is the library of the Château de Sassy. Its layout is such that you would think you were in a story.

The dark wooden shelves are divided into two floors, separated by a mezzanine. More than 30,000 bound works belonging to Sieur Pasquier are carefully preserved there.

The chapel of Château de Sassy

The wealth of the Castle is also found in the chapel. Sculptures of famous protagonists of the Bible are also exhibited there.

Other activities available around the Château de Sassy

Visiting the Château de Sassy is not the only attraction of the place. You can also spoil your palate with a typically Norman drink. The location of the site also allows you to go to Argentan to eat. In addition, with the assistance of a guide, the surrounding area has other interesting tourist circuits.

Taste the homemade cider at the Château

Get to know the local cider, born from the initiative of Xavier d’Audiffret-Pasquier and Pierre-Emmanuel Racine-Jourdren. In fact, by revisiting the original recipe, they concocted their own drink.

It is possible to have a drink within the castle itself. The cider bears the name of the estate, Sassy. Those who have tasted it will surely tell you that its aromas live up to its reputation.

Explore the green spaces surrounding the Château de Sassy

Are you wondering what to do after seeing the entire castle? There is no shortage of forests, parks and water points in the Orne. Several options are available to you:

  • Discover the Normandy-Maine Natural Park: it is an opportunity to observe the vegetation and animals that populate the region;
  • Cycling along the Ecouves trails: greenery abounds around the Château de Sassy. The geographical configuration of the forest alternates between flat surfaces and mountains. Challenge your physical endurance while enjoying the purity of the air;
  • Stroll near the Orne ponds: a few meters from the castle, the calm edges of two ponds are ideal for rest. The walks there are peaceful.

Adventurous spirits, passionate about arts and French history or nature lovers? This jewel of the region will undoubtedly seduce you. Include a visit to the Château de Sassy in Orne in your collection of Normandy souvenirs.